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     ====== Anguinidae 
     |===== Belonolaimidae 
     |===== Dolichodoridae 
<<===|===== Heteroderidae 
     |===== Hoplolaimidae 
     |===== Pratylenchidae 
     ====== Tylenchidae 
Maggenti, et al., 1987

Containing clade(s): Tylenchina

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Superfamily Tylenchoidea. The lip region is generally hexaradiate and distinguished from the general body contour. The labial region is supported by a cuticularized skeleton that may or may not be well developed. The procorpus is generally set off from the metacorpus, usually slender and cylindrical. The isthmus is narrow and leads to the expanded glandular region which is almost always wider than the metacorpus. The glandular region consists of three glands ending at the beginning of the intestine or variously overlapping this structure. A phasmid is common, on the tail or erratically on the body (Maggenti et al., 1987).


Maggenti, A.R., M. Luc, D.J. Raski, R. Fortuner, and E. Geraert. 
          1987. A reappraisal of Tylenchina (Nemata). 2. Classification 
          of the suborder Tylenchina (Nemata:  Diplogasteria). 
          Revue Nematol. 10:(2) 135-142.

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