Genus Eudorylaimus
 Andrassy, 1959
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Relatively small nemas 0.5-2.0 mm long.  Bodies usually curved with arcuate tails, rarely straight or subdigitate. Lip region angular, set off by depression or constriction.  Spear aperture occupying 2/5 or less of its length; guideing ring sclerotized. Esophagus usually enlarged near middle by rather abrupt expansion.  Dorsal esophageal gland nucleus close to its orifice.  Cardiac disc variable, present or obscure.  Vulva transverse with sclerotized labia or longitudinal.  Males present for many species, absent in others.  Junction of intestine and prerectum within range of supplements.

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Crater01Bin-23 Haughton Crater Survey
Konza IBB-70 B Konza Prairie, First survey
Konza IGG-24 C Konza Prairie, First survey
Konza VIIAA-74 D Konza Prairie, First survey

Type species: Eudorylaimus carteri (Bastian, 1865) Andrassy, 1959

Recent work by Tjepkema, Ferris and Ferris proved that at least some species of Eudorylaimus are predators and
subsisted on colonies of  Panagrellus redivius.

Specimens from Costa Rica
    ?Eudorylaimus sp.(1)

Species found:     at:
E. acuticauda Homestead, Forensic Project
E. acutus Konza Prairie
E. altherri Long's Peak, Haughton Crater, Homestead
E. andrassyi Konza Prairie
E. aquilonarius Konza Prairie, Haughton Crater
E. arcus Konza Prairie
E. brevis Konza Prairie
E. carteri Konza Prairie, d 9-Mile Prairie, Long's Peak
E. coloradensis Long's Peak
E. confusus Haughton Crater
E. conicaudatus Konza Prairie, Homestead
E. enckellii Haughton Crater
E. imitatoris Konza Prairie
E. junctus Forensic Project
E. longicardius Haughton Crater
E. meridionalis Konza Prairie, Haughton Crater, Long's Peak, Forensic Project
E. nodus Konza Prairie
E. paesleri Haughton Crater
E. robustus Konza Prairie
E. sabulophilus Konza Prairie, Haughton Crater,
E. silvaticus Konza Prairie, Haughton Crater, Forensic Project
E. similis Haughton Crater
E. sodakus Konza Prairie
E. subdigitalis Konza Prairie, Haughton Crater, Forensic Project
E. truncatus Konza Prairie Costa Rica
E. vestibulifer Long's Peak
Other Undetermined Haughton Crater,