Genus Xiphinema
Cobb, 1913
Photo Gallery- Costa Rica

Spear greatly attenuated with extensions bearing elongate, basal flanges.  Spear guiding ring deep in the pharynx.   Basal part of esophagus 2-4 times as long as body width.  Vulva transverse with muscular labia.  Ovaries 1 or 2.  Tails hemispheroid to elongate cylindroid.  Males often unknown or rare.  Species are not assigned to subgenera as outlined by Cohn and Sher, 1972.

Type species:  Xiphinema americanum Cobb, 1913
Other species: Xiphinema index, Thorne & Allen, 1950

Species found:         at:
X.  americanum  Konza Prairie,  9-Mile Prairie,  Haughton Crater, Homestead
X. brasiliense Costa Rica
X. brevicolle Costa Rica
X. costaricense Costa Rica
X.  vuittenezi Konza Prairie