Genus Wilsonema
Cobb, 1913
Synonym:  Bitholinema de Coninck, 1931
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

Definition:  Similar in many respects to Plectus but the head end has 6 cirri from the outer edges of the dorsal and ventral lips, the middle ones being prolonged backwards as lamellae on the body surface.  These projections may be plain or pinnately divided.  Caudal glands and terminal duct present.

Type species:  Wilsonema capitatum Cobb, 1913

Synonym:  Plectus (Wilsonema) capitatum (Cobb, 1913) Micol., 1922
                      Bitholinema schuurmansstekhoveni de Coninck, 1931

(Description -Goodey, 1963)

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Konza IIIDD-55 Konza Prairie