Genus Verutus

Female: No cyst stage. Body saccate, sausage-shaped or kidney-shaped Cuticle thick, annulated over total body length; D-layer absent; multiple B-layer present; subcristalline layer present. Vulva submedian, large, with protuberant vulva lips. No phasmids. Remnant of tail very short to absent. Eggs not retained in body, but deposited individually, without gelatinous matrix.
Male: Body not twisted. Stylet under 30um. Lateral field with four lines. Spicules strong, slightly curved. No phasmids. Tail short.
Juvenile 2nd stage: Lateral field with four lines. Oesophageal glands filling body cavity. Tail pointed, with long hyaline, terminal part. Phasmids punctiform, small, devoid of lens-like structure.