Genus Tylenchorhynchus
Cobb, 1913

Diagnosis:  Tylenchorhynchinae.  Lip region set off by constriction or continuous with contour.  Lateral fields marked by 4, 5 or 6 incisures.  Phasmids conspicuous, located well behind anal region.  Spear usually strong with heavy basal knobs.  Basal bulb of esophagus connected to intestine by cardia.  Vulva near middle of body.  Ovaries two, outstretched.  Female tail conoid, blunt, usually 2 or more times anal body diameter.
(Description- Thorne & Malek, 1968)

Diagnosis.  No sexual dimorphism.  Esophageal glands contained tin basal bulb, sometimes a lobe of the basal bulb slightly overlapping intestine.  Lateral fields marked by 4, 5 or 6 incisures.  Stylet well developed, with conspicuous basal knobs.  Deirids usually inconspicuous.  Phasmids conspicuous, located near middle of tail.  Vulva near middle of body.  Ovaries 2, outstretched.  Female tail cylindrical, conoid, with terminus usually bluntly rounded, not acute.  Male tail slightly arcuate, enveloped by bursa; phasmids about middle of tail. Spicula and gubernaculum tylenchoid.  Cephalic framework lightly to heavily sclerotized.
(Description- Allen, 1955)

Type species:  Tylenchorhynchus cylindricus Cobb, 1913

Species List

Species found:   at:
T. cylindricus Haughton crater
T. hordei  Konza Prairie
T. nudus  Konza Prairie, 9 Mile Prairiedddd
T. robustus  Konza Prairie