Tylencholaimus stecki
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

a: 1.036 mm; a = 32; b = 4.0; c = 74; V-near 65
`: 1.069 mm; a = 33; b = 4.2; c = 76

Lip region conical, cap-like. Spear slender with indistinct knobs.  Esophagus enlarged near middle.  Vulva somewhat less than two-thirds the body length from the anterior end.  Tail of both sexes short, rounded.  Supplements consisting of an adanal pair and three ventromedian ones.  There doubtless is one ovary located anterior to the vulva.
The species is distinctive because of the very slender spear and low rounded outer portions of the lips.
Habitat: Sphagnum moss, near Arosa, Switzerland