Genus Tyleptus
Thorne, 1939
Leptonchinae. Body cylindroid.  Cuticle without visible transverse striae but with many refractive radial elements.  Lateral cords wide with two lines of coarse ducts reaching to the lateral pores.  Six conspicuous, projecting liplets around the oral opening.  Spear somewhat dorylaimoid with a long extension surrounded by conspicuous muscles.   Guiding ring simple.  Esophagus a slender tube until it expands to the pyriform basal bulb.  Bulbar lumen in two sections, the posterior one forming a narrow, triquetrous, valvular chamber.  Vulva transverse.  Ovary single, reflexed.

Type species:  Tyleptus projectus  n. sp.

Diagnosis:  Leptonchinae with the above general description.  This genus differs form its closest relatives, Leptonchus and Tylolaimophorus , in the simple guiding ring and duplex lumen of the esophageal bulb.  The single ovary may also be a diagnostic character.
(Description- Thorne, 1939)

Species found:     at:
T. projectus 9-Mile Prairieddddddddd