Genus Tylencholaimellus
N.A. Cobb in M.V. Cobb, 1915
        syn. Pharetrolaimus de Man, 1921

Definition:  Leptonchidae.  Spear with extra dorsal stiffening peice and 3 strongly knobbed extensions.  Oesophagus a slender tube with short terminal bulb offset by a distinct constriction.  Vulva far forward on body; gonad single, posterior, reflexed; anterior branch a rudimentary sac or absent.  Pre-rectum present.  Spicules frail where known, dorylaimoid, with lateral guiding pieces.  No gubernaculum.  Supplements consisting of an adanal pair and a single ventro-median one.  Tails of both sexes alike where both are known; hemispheriod to bluntly rounded.  The genus is distinguished by the extra stiffening piece on the spear.

Type species: Tylencholaimellus diplodorus N.A. Cobb in M.V. Cobb, 1915
-Goodey, 1963

Species found:  at:
T. affinis Konza Prairie
T. coronatus Konza Prairie
T. grandis Konza Prairie
T. magnidens Konza Prairie
T. striatus Konza Prairie, Homestead, Jumbo Valley fen