Tylencholaimus nanus
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

a: 0.6 mm; a = 21; b = 3.2; c = 50; V-2073

Body almost cylindrical from anus to middle of neck.  Cuticle marked by conspicuous radial elements.  Head conical, the outer portion of lips rounded.  Spear length about equal to width of lip region, its extensions bearing the characteristic knobs.  Esophagus enlarged by gradual expansion.  Cardia somewhat cylindroid, one-third as wide as body.  Vagina extending in and forward.  Ovary reflexed about half way to vulva except when crowded by developing ova when it may reach the entire distance.  Posterior uterine branch absent.  Gravid females contain no sperm.  Prerectum length four times body width.  Tail hemispherical.  Males unknown.

Habitat: A rare species from mountain soil, Kaibab Forest, Arizona and Horse Creek, Summit county, Utah, U.S.A.