Tylencholaimellus magnidens
Thorne, 1957
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

L = 0.9 mm; a = 30; b = 5.3-6.0; c = 35; V = 33

    Lip region set off by a slight depression, the lips low and rounded.  Amphids stirrupform, about half as wide as head.  Spear typical of the genus, its length, combined with that of the knobbed extensions, equal to three times the lip width.  Esophageal bulb length averaging one and one-half times the neck width and a third as wide as long.  Intestinal cells containing scattered, dark, refractive granules.  Vulva transverse.  Vagina extending three-fifths the distance across body.  Anterior female sexual branch a short pouch, posterior branch normal, the ovary reflexed half way to the vulva.  Prerectum length two to three times the body width.  Rectum frequently as long as the tail.  Tail slightly conoid to the rounded terminus.  Male unknown.
     Diagnosis: Tylencholaimellus with the above measurements and general description.  This species is distinctive because of the rounded lip region and the larger spear.  Probably most closely related to T. sagittifer from which it differs principally in the much smaller size.
     Habitat: Alfalfa fields, Parma, Idaho, and Salem, Utah, U.S.A.

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Konza A1-40 Konza Prairie
Konza IICD-52 Konza Prairie, First survey