Genus Tylenchocriconema
Raski & Siddiqi, 1975
Photo Gallery- Costa Rica Bromeliad

Tylenchocriconematinae.  With characters of the family.  Lateral field slightly raised, with four incisures; three ridges see in SEM.  Female:  Cephalic region very low, truncate, with squarish oral plate, an I-shaped oral aperture flanked by two lateral liplets and four small submedian lobes or pseudolips at corners of oral plate; amphidial apertures in the form of dorsal-ventral slits at base of lateral liplets; framework weak, vestibulum extension appearing as slender dark rods.  Stylet of female about 20 -30 um long, knobs rounded.  Orifice of dorsal gland 5 -6 um behind stylet base.  Excretory pore near basal bulb.  Deirids absent.  Vulva slightly overhung by anterior lip flap and with small lateral membranes, well marked by a sudden narrowing of body contour behind it, at 78 - 81% of body length.  Vagina, cuticularized, directed inward and forward.  Postvulval uterine sac absent.  Spermatheca thin-walled, oval, offset, with minute, round sperm.  Female tail straight, elongate (over five anal body widths long), subcylindroid to conoid-pointed tip.  Male:  0.42 - 0.65 mm long, shorter and more slender than female.  Lateral field with four incisures.  Head end asymmetrical, with ventrally directed cephalic region bearing four submedian lobes; framework indistinct.  Oesophagus degenerate, stylet absent.  Testis outstretched. Cloacal lips forming a penial tube.  Tail elongate-conoid, arcuate ventrally; bursa enclosing tail tip, with crenate margins. Spicules arcuate, cephalated, pointed.  Gubernaculum small, fixed.  Juveniles similar to female in body shape, cephalic region, stylet and oesophagus; tail evenly tapering to an acute tip.

Type species
    Tylenchocriconema alleni Raski & Siddiqui, 1975
    No other species.

(Description- Siddiqi, 2000)

This genus included in the Criconematid Project

DNA Sequences Obtained
specimen:                collected:
STR35-01 Costa Rica- Bromeliad
STR35-02 Costa Rica- Bromeliad
803U-008 La Selva Biological Sta., Costa Rica