Tylencholaimellus coronatus
Thorne, 1957
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

L = 0.8 mm; a = 35; b = 5.5; c = 35; V = 34

    Neck tapering uniformly to the lip region which is one-third as wide as the neck base.  Subcuticle marked by easily visible transverse striae.  Amphids elongate, half as wide as head.  Lip region amalgamated, rounded, the outer papillae not modifying the contour.  Inner portion of lip region surrounding the oral opening cuticularized, forming a refractive disc about the mouth.  Spear typical of the genus with strongly knobbed extensions, its guiding ring obscure.  Esophageal bulb occupying about one-fifth of the neck length.  Intestinal cells with scattered, fine, refractive granules.  Anterior female sexual branch a rudimentary pouch slightly longer than body width; posterior branch normal, the ovary sometimes reflexed almost to the vulva.  Prerectum length about three times body width.  Tail slightly tapering to the hemispheroid terminus.  Male unknown.

    Diagnosis: Tylencholaimellus with the above measurements and general description.  Distinguished from other species of the genus by the cuticularized disc around the oral opening and the completely amalgamated lip region.

    Habitat: A rare species from cultivated fields near Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.