Genus Trophurus
Loof, 1956
Diagnosis:  Tylenchidae:  Amphid apertures at apices of lateral lips.  Labial framework lightly sclerotized.  Spear very slender.  Esophagus tylenchorhynchoid.  Cardia present.  Vulva near midbody.  Anterior ovary outstretched, rudimentary posterior uterine branch present.  Caudal cuticle strongly thickened.
(Description- Thorne, 1968)

Body medium sized to large. Lip region bullet-shaped (conoid-rounded), continuous with body contour. SEM face view
appears to be smooth, with the labial disc and labial sectors fused in a single structure (Sher & Bell, 1975). Stylet 10-20 um
long. Oesophageal glands abutting, pyriform. Tail cylindroid, with a broadly rounded terminus, sometimes rather short for the
family, with thick cuticle at the distal extremity. Females with only one genital branch, posterior branch atrophied to a
post-uterine sac However, the vulva is at mid-body.
(Description-    )
Type speciesTrophurus imperalis  Loof, 1956.

     Trophurus impar
     Trophurus imperialis
     Trophurus lomus
     Trophurus longimarginatus
     Trophurus marathwadensis
     Trophurus minnesotensis
     Trophurus roigi
     Trophurus scognamiglii
     Trophurus sculptus
     Trophurus similis
     Trophurus ussuriensis

Species found:      at:
T. minnesotensis Konza Prairie