Genus Trophotylenchulus
(Raski, 1957)
Syn.: Trophonema Raski, 1957
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie
Photo Gallery- Costa Rica

Definition:  Sphaeronematinae.  Females elongate-saccate, in the form of a spiral.  Lip region not offset, without annules.  Body tapering at either end.  Spear well developed with rounded basal knobs.  Orifice of dorsal oesophageal gland about 1/2 spear length from spear base.  Procorpus cylindrical, widening slightly to large, ovate, median bulb which has large, central valve plates.  Isthmus narrow, of medium length, expanding to spathulate terminal bulb.  Excretory pore just behind median bulb.  Vulva posterior; ovary single, prodelphic, extending to median bulb and reflexed once or twice.
Spermatheca present.  Body narrows behind vulva and again at anus; tail short, curved, tapering to a point.  Male without spear; oesophagus degenerate; spicules long and slightly curved, with sheath.  Gubernaculum short and simple. Bursa absent.  Tail tapering gradually to sharp point.

Type species:  Trophonema arenarium (Raski, 1956) Raski, 1957
                    Syn.: Sphaeronema arenarium Raski, 1956
(Description- Goodey, 1963)

This species included in the Criconematid Project

DNA Seqences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Konza IV BD-97 Konza Prairie, First Survey
Konza IVBD-149 Konza Prairie, First Survey
16492 La Selva Biological Sta., Costa Rica
16504 Costa Rica
16493 La Selva Biological Sta., Costa Rica
16499 La Selva Biological Sta., Costa Rica