Trophurus minnesotensis
(Caveness, 1958) Caveness, 1959
Syn.: Clavaurotylenchus minnesotensis Caveness, 1958
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

0.75 mm; a = 31; b = 5.7; c = 18; V = 58
0.70 mm; a = 35; b = 5.6; c = 35; T = 38
Characters of the genus.  Lateral fields marked by 4 incisures.  Spear very slender, 14u long.  Distance from anterior end to  median bulb slightly greater than from bulb to esophagus base.  Nerve ring adjacent to median bulb.  Excretory pore just behind nerve ring.  Heminzonid 1 body width behind excretory pore.  Deirid opposite hemizonid.  Ovary outstretched.  Spermatheca at anterior end of uterine tract.  Posterior uterine branch with 2 or 3 rudimentary terminal cells. Phasmids posterior to middle of tail. Post rectal blind sac present.  Male tail with broad bursa and conspicuous phasmids.  Spicula plain, arcuate, cephalated.
Habitat:  Occasionally occurs in cultivated and virgin soil throughout Minnesota and North and South Dakota

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
9 Mile 3-26 GB2-39 9 Mile Prairie, First Survey