Trichodorus obtusus
   Cobb, 1913
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

1.1 mm; a = 23; b = 5.1; c = terminal; V = 56
1.0 mm; a = 28; b = 6.6; c = 80; T = 40

Characters of the genus.  Spear 40-45u long.  Excretory pore and 2 or 3 hypodermal pores visible on the
neck.  A pair of hypodermal lateral pores present just posterior to vulva, a conspicuous feature from a
ventral view.  Uteri forming elongate spermathecae.  Anus and caudal pores almost terminal.  Males with 3 ventromedian supplements arranged as illustrated for T. proximus.

Habitat:  A single collection from native turf near Milbank, South Dakota.

These specimens are slightly longer than those reported by Allen from the Netherlands, Maryland and
Pennsylvania.  They  most closely  resemble T. proximus  from which they are readily distinguished by
the shorter spear, 45u : 60u, large hypodermal  lateral pores just posterior to vulva, and terminal anus.

(Description- Thorne, 1974)