Trichodorus proximus
Allen, 1957
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie
Photo Gallery- 9 Mile Prairie

1.1 mm; a = 20; b = 6.7; c = subterminal; V = 49
1.1 mm; a = 29; b = 7.1; c = 78; T = 56

Excretory pore about opposite anterior end of esophageal bulb. Lip region rounded with slightly elevated papillae.  Spear 60u long, about 1/3 neck length.  Esophageal bulb elongate conoid.  Vulva a circular pore-like depression.  Uteri forming elongate spermathecae which were packed with spermatozoa.  Anus and caudal pores almost terminal.  Male more slender than female with slightly arcuate posterior.  Three ventromedian supplements arranged as illustrated.  The anterior one may sometimes be slightly farther forward.

Habitat:  Dying lawn in Rapid City, South Dakota.  These specimens appear to closely resemble those described by Allen from St. Augustine grass near Tampa, Florida.

Trichodorus species usually are torpid, slow moving nemas and may fail to come through the funnels during processing and screen residues should be examined to determine if they are present.

(Description-  Thorne, 1974)

DNA Sequences Obtained
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KonzaI AC-11 Konza Prairie, First Survey