Genus Trichodorus
Cobb, 1913
Family TRICHODORIDAE. (Thorne, 1935) Clark, 1961
Type species:  Trichodorus primitivus (de Man, 1876) Micol. 1922.
Synonym: Dorylaimus primitivus de Man, 1876

Bodies obese with unusually thick cuticle which frequently forms wrinkles as the nema moves.  Females straight when relaxed, males posteriorly arcuate.  Body contents dense, often obscuring details of morphology.  Female tail bluntly rounded with anus terminal or subterminal.  Supplements 1-3, mammiform, well-spaced, the anal pair absent.  Spear elongate, slender, slightly arcuate.  Spicula slender, arcuate with conspicuous circular muscles.

Interest in Trichodorus species has greatly developed since the discovery that they transmit certain virus diseases of plants.  Typical injury is known as "stubby root" since roots fail to make additional growth after the nemas feed on the terminal cells.
(-Description, Thorne, 1974)

Species found:   at:
T. obtusus Konza Prairie
T. proximus Konza Prairie, 9 Mile Prairie