Tylenchorhynchus nudus
Allen, 1955
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie
Photo Gallery- Nine-mile Prairie

L = 0.8 mm; a = 36; b = 5; c = 17;  V = 52 
L = 0.84; a = 35; b = 5.8; c = 20; T = 58
     Body cylindroid, tapering to rounded lip region bearing 2 annules. Lateral fields with 4 incisures. Spear 21u long with large, cupped knobs, its muscles attached to a sclerotized band about the base of lip region.  Excretory pore midway between median bulb and esophagus base.  Hemizonid 1 annule anterior to pore.  Deirids not seen.   Basal bulb slightly longer than body diameter. Cardia hemispheroid, almost as wide as bulb base.  Spermatheca about half as long as body width, packed with sperms. Intestine extending into tail with rectum attached to ventral side. 
     Male tail tapering, arcuate with minutely striated, broad bursa. Spicula arcuate, 24u long, resting on thin trough-like gubernaculum.
     Sporozoan parasites, Duboscquia sp., occasionally present on cuticle.  Labial annules often less prominent than illustrated with occasionally 3 instead of 2.
     Habitat:  Generally distributed in cultivated and virgin soil throughout South Dakota.  One collection from cultivated field near Minden, Nebraska.

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Konza IIAD-140 Konza Prairie, First survey