November 2000. SON Regulatory Committee chairperson confers with APHIS personnel on the need for a pest list of exotic plant nematodes that are of economic and regulatory significance to US agriculture.

July 2001. Draft of the Cooperative Agreement Proposal between SON and APHIS prepared.

August 2001. SON Regulatory Committee and the SON Executive Board approve the project proposal at the annual meeting in Salt Lake City.

September-November 2001. APHIS approves Cooperative Agreement and funds the project.

December 2001-February 2002.  Working Group members hold teleconference, propose nematodes for the list, and assemble data and resources for these nematodes. Working group meets for a three-day workshop to select ranking criteria, evaluate the nematodes proposed by members of the group, and prepare a preliminary draft list of nematodes. 

March-April 2002. Working Group members prepare and revise fact sheets for each of the 68 nematodes on the draft list of nematodes. 

May to August 2002: Working Group solicits input/review from the SON members at-large through the SON listserv, website and newsletter.

September to December 2002: Working Group modifies the pest list and fact sheets using feedback information from SON members, and prepares a project report for APHIS and the SON Executive Board. The Working Group discuss with APHIS personnel the project results, and how to cooperatively periodically update the nematode pest list, as new information becomes available. 

March 2003:  Renewal of SON/APHIS cooperative agreement.