Genus Thornia
Meyl, 1954
Photo Gallery- Haughton Crater

Definition:  Dorylaiminae.  Small nematodes, about 1 mm. or less long.  Lips amalgamated, barely offset from body, anterior end more of less truncate.  Amphids stirrup-shaped, apertures no wider than ampullae, and from 1/2 to 1/5 corresponding body-width.  Oesophagus said to widen abruptly at about its middle.  Tails of both sexes cylindrical, rounded or very short, hemispherical.  Males have only the pair of pre-anal supplements and none in the ventral series.  Spicules not dorylaimoid by more dagger-shaped, and almost straight, reminiscent of those of Alaimus.  Lateral guiding pieces absent.  Female gonads paired, opposed and reflexed.

Type species:  Thornia steatopyga (Thorne & Swanger, 1936) Meyl, 1954
               syn. Dorylaimus steatopygous Thorne & Swanger, 1936

-Goodey, 1963