Genus Thornenema
Andrassy, 1959
Syn.: Jairajpuria Baqri & Jana, 1980
Photo Gallery- Haughton Crater
Photo Gallery- Costa Rica

Diagnosis:  Body 0.5-2.0 mm long.  Lip region rounded, conoid or cylindroid, truncated;  continuous with body contour or offset by depression or constriction.  Labial framework sclerotized, post-labial sclerotization usually well-developed.  Amphids with stirrup- or cup-shaped fovea.  Odontostyle cylindrical, aperture about one-third its length.  Guiding ring single.  Odontophore rod-like.  Basal expanded part of esophagus about 30-50% of esophageal length.  Female reproductive system mono-opisthodelphic.  Anterior genital branch vestigial, occasionally complete, but non-functional.  Vulva transverse, pre-equatorial.  Males with arcuate spicules, lateral guiding pieces and a series of spaced ventromedian supplements.  Tail dissimilar in sexes: elongate-conoid to long, filiform in females and short, obtusely conoid in males.

Specimens from Costa Rica
    ?Thornenema sp. (1)

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Crater05Bin-66 Haughton Crater

Type species: Thornenema lissum (Thorne, 1939) Andrassy, 1959
              syn.: Dorylaimus lissus Thorne, 1939
Other species:
        T. baldum (Thorne, 1939) Andrassy, 1959
                Syn.: Dorylaimus baldus Thorne, 1939
        T. elegans Carbonell & Coomans, 1987
        T. laevicapitatum (Cobb in Thorne & Swanger, 1936) Andrassy, 1959
                Syn.: Dorylaimus laevicapitatus Cobb in Thorne & Swanger, 1936
        T. maraouense Coomans & Carbonelle, 1981
        T. mauritianum (Williams, 1959) Baqri & Jairajpuri, 1969
                Syn.: Chrysonema mauritiana Williams, 1959
                    Thornema viriosum Williams, 1964
                    Thornenema filiforme Siddiqi, 1965
                    Thornenema delhiensis Prasad & Chawla, 1965
                    Thornenema africanum Andrassy, 1965
        T. oryzae (Ahmed & Jairajpuri, 1982) Carbonell & Coomans, 1987
                Syn.: Jairajpuria oryzae Ahmad & Jairajpuri, 1982
        T. paraconurum (Heyns, 1963) Goseco, Ferris & Ferris, 1976
                Syn.: Dorylaimoides paraconurus Heyns, 1963
        T. pseudosartum Carbonell & Coomans, 1987
                Syn.: Sicagutttur sartum apud Baqri & Jana, 1980
        T. qaiseri Sauer, 1981
        T. samsoeni Coomans & Carbonell, 1981
        T. shahi Khan & Saeed, 1986
        T. shamimi (Baqri & Jana, 1980) Carbonell & Coomans, 1987
                Syn.: Jairajpuri shamimi Baqri & Jana, 1980

Species inquirendae:
        T. conura Day & Baqri, 1986
        T. curvicauda Altherr & Delamare Deboutteville, 1972
        T. nodicaudatum Day & Baqri, 1986
        T. novum Day & Baqri, 1986
        T. uniformis Dement'eva 1972
        T. uralica Nesterov, 1976