Genus Teratorhabditis
(Osche, 1952) Dougherty, 1953
syn.: Rhabditis (Teratorhabditis) Osche, 1952
Photo Gallery- Haughton Crater

Definition:  Rhabditinae.  Lip edges strongly cuticularized (cf. Teratocephalus de Man).  Metarhabdions each with 3 teeth in the form of a triangle.  Oesophageal collar present or absent.  Vulva median or posterior; ovary paired or unpaired.  Female tail stilletto-shaped.  Male tail leptoderan or peloderan.

Type species:  Teratorhabditis dentifera (Völk, 1950) Dougherty, 1953

(Description- Goodey, 1963)