Thorneella teres
(Thorne & Swanger, 1936) Andrassy, 1960
syn.   Dorylaimus teres Thorne & Swanger, 1936
Photo Gallery- Haughton Crater

female: a = 31; b = 4.7; c = 50
male: a = 37; b = 4.7; c = 52
Head continuous with the neck contour, neither lips nor papillae elevated; amphid aperture about one-fourth as wide as the lip region, expanding inwardly until half as wide as the head; tails of both sexes elongate-hemispherical; posterior two-fifths of esophagus enlarged until two-thirds the body width; spear slightly longer than head width, the aperture occupying two-fifths its length.
    General description:  Cardia cylindroid, one-third the neck width; intestine two-thirds the body width, four to six cells in circumference; prerectum and rectum each somewhat longer than corresponding body diameter; ovaries reflexed nearly half-way to vulva.  Spicula slightly arcuate, nearly twice as long a anal body diameter; probably inconspicuous supplements and submedian papillae present but none were observed.
    This interesting marine form has amphids similar to those of Dorylaimus marinus.  Specimens found in a collection made by Dr. Cobb in 1910 and preserved in balsam.
    Habitat:  Sand below tide mark, Portsmouth, New Hampshire, U.S.A.

DNA Sequences Obtained
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Crater05Bout-51 Haughton Crater