Genus Sychnotylenchus
Rühm, 1956
Syn.: Sychnotylenchus Rühm, 1955 (= nomen nudum)
Sychnotylenchinae.  Medium-sized (0.7 - 1.2 mm).  Cephalic region low, framework sclerotized; lateral sectors characteristically narrower than the submedians; lateral lip areas slightly raised.  Stylet with strongly developed shaft, conus symmetrical with solid appearance, knobs generally small, elongated, rarely indistinct.  Precorpus gradually widening from stylet base to near postcorpus or median bulb.  Median bulb muscular, with crescentic refractive thickenings.  Basal bulb large, offset from intestine.  Excretory pore opposite median bulb or more anterior.  Renette cell just posterior to nerve ring.  Vulva far posterior at 89 - 94% of body length, lips prominent.  Postvulval uterine sac well developed.  Quadricolumella with eight or more cells in each row.  Female tail short, broadly rounded.  Male tail short, conoid, completely enveloped by a large bursa.  Spicules cephalated, slender in distal two-thirds, about as long as tail.  Associates of bark beetles.

Type species
    Sychnotylenchus intricati  Rühm, 1956
        syn.: Sychnotylenchus intricati  Rühm, 1955 (= nomen nudum)

Other species
    Sychnotylenchus abietis  Rühm, 1956
        syn.: S. abietis Rühm, 1955 (= nomen nudum)
    S. mutici Massey, 1974
    S. phloeosini Massey, 1969
    S. scolyti Massey, 1969
    S. ulmi Rühm, 1956
        syn.: S. ulmi Rühm, 1955 (= nomen nudum)

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
CSP1-09 Chadron State Park, NE