Genus Sporonchulus
(Cobb, 1917) Andrássy, 1958
Photo Gallery- Mt. Rushmore Nat'l Monument
Photo Gallery- Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park

Generic diagnosis:  Sporonchulinae.  Buccal cavity barrel-shaped, tapering at base.  Dorsal tooth midway or in anterior half of buccal cavity, opposed by numerous denticles arranged irregularly.  Oesophago-intestinal junction non-tuberculate.  Female reproductive system amphidelphic.  Tail conoid, ventrally arcuate.  Caudal glands and terminal opening present or absent.  Males rare.

Type species:  Sporonchulus dentatus (Cobb, 1917) Andrássy, 1958

Other species:
    S. vagabundus Jairajpuri, 1971
    S. ibitensis (Carvalho, 1951) Andrássy, 1958
    S. coronatus (Carvalho, 1956) Andrássy, 1958

DNA obtained
Specimen                        Collected
MTR GWN-09 Mount Rushmore Nat'l Monument