Solididens vulgaris
Thorne, 1930
Synonyms: Nygolaimus vulgaris, Thorne, 1930
Nygolaimus (Solididens) vulgaris (Thorne, 1930) Heyns, 1968
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

1.3 mm; a = 40; b - 3.6; c = 46; V = 51
1.3 mm; a = 41; b = 3.4; c = 43; T = 54
Body slightly arcuate, twisting until anterior and posterior ends rarely are see from a lateral view.  Tooth 8-10u long, needle-like with short, furcate base.  Anterior third of esophagus slender, gradually expanding through the second third until the posterior third almost fills neck cavity.  Cardiac glands prominent, obscuring the small cardia.  Vulva transverse, vagina extending 1/3 across body.   Ovaries reflexed about half their length.  Prerectum about as long as body width; rectum about same length.
A single male observed among several hundred specimens.  Testes and supplements apparently rudimentary.  Spicula almost straight with tiny lateral guiding pieces.  A thin trough-like gubernaculum may be present.
Habitat:  Widely distributed in both cultivated and virgin soil from Colorado through Nebraska; North and South Dakota; Minnesota and Iowa.

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
KonzaIII AD-120 Konza Prairie, First Survey
KonzaII BB-129 Konza Prairie, First Survey