Genus Senegalonema

Immature female: Body vermiform, C-shaped. Labial region high, not offset, not annulated; anterior lip annulus divided into six sectors, four submedian sectors triangular, adjacent two by two, dorsally and ventrally. Lateral field with four lines. Phasmids pore-like near anus level. Tail conoid, 2 to 2.5 body anal diameter long, more than half its length nonprotoplasmic. Labial framework and stylet medium-sized. DGO about 5-7 um from stylet base in the only known species. Median bulb oval, with strong valve. Glandular overlap mostly lateral, sometimes ventral. Two genital branches outstretched.
Mature females: Body posteriorly swollen, variously shaped to kidney- shaped, annulated. Phasmids enlarged. DGO at 5-8 um from stylet. Gland overlap expanded laterally. Tail short, conical. Vulva postequatorial. Two genital branches very long, convoluted.
Male: Slight secondary sexual dimorphism seen in snaller anterior end. Esophagus functional. Caudal alae enveloping tail end. Gubernaculum with titlillae.

Males and immature females free in soil. Mature females semi-endoparasitic, sessile in roots.