Genus Sectonema
Thorne, 1930
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

(Description- Thorne, 1930)
Diagnosis- Characters of Dorylaimus, with these differences:  Tooth located in a ventral niche of the pharynx, grooved dorsally, and used with a a slashing movement.  Vestibule elongate.  Guiding ring for tooth absent.

(Description- Heyns)
Diagnosis:  Aporcelaimidae.  Cuticle usually with minute transverse striations as well as criss-cross lines, but sometimes with only transverse striae.  Anterior part of pharynx appearing cross-shaped  in a face view, with the long leg of the cross dorsally directed.  Mural tooth set on ventral wall of pharynx, dorsally grooved and with basal projections diverging along wall of pharynx.  Lips distinctly separated from one another.  Amphid usually with a strong median support, and the chamber itself divided into two halves.  Oesophago-intestinal disc usually conspicuous.  Vulva a transverse slit, with cuticularized lips.

Type species:  Sectonema ventral Thorne, 1930
             Syn. Sectonema ventralis Thorne, 1930

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
KonzaVI AA-118 Konza Prairie, First Survey

Other species:
S. anisonchum Siddiqi, 1984
S. balbatum Heyns, 1965
S. brevicauda Heyns, 1965
S. basilgoodeyi Heyns, 1965
S. barbatoides Heyns, 1965
S. demani Altherr, 1965
S. heynsi Altherr, 1968
S. macbethi Heyns, 1965
S. macrospiculum (Altherr, 1958) Heyns, 1965
     Syn.: Nygolaimus macrospiculum
S. mucrodens Siddiqi, 1984
S. paramonovi (Eliava, 1966) Eliashvili, Aliev and Eliava, 1977
     Syn.: Nygolaimus paramonovi Eliava, 1966
S. procta Jairajouri & Baqri, 1966
S. pseudoventrale Heyns, 1965
S. rotundicauda Goodey, 1951
S. sica Clark, 1964
S. transsylvanicum Popovici, 1978
S. truxum Siddiqi, 1984