Genus Scutylenchus
Jairajpuri, 1971
Diagnosis:  Merliniinae.  Small to medium-sized (0.5 - 1.5 mm), arcuate to curved when relaxed.  Body cuticle marked by longitudinal striae or grooves.  Deirids absent.  Cephalic region offset, with six radial grooves and moderate sclerotization;  labial disc inconspicuous, four-lobed.  Median bulb near middle of oesophagus or more anterior.  Vulva in a cavity or depression, with epiptygma.  Vagina vera squarish in lateral view.  Female tail conoid to subcylindrical with rounded tip;  terminal tail cuticle not abnormally thickened;  phasmids conspicuous.  Spicules rather slender;  gubernaculum crescent-shaped in lateral view.
Type species:  Scutylenchus mamillatus (Tobar-Jimenez, 1966) Jairajpuri, 1971
           Syn.: Tylenchorhynchus mamillatus Tobar-Jimenez, 1966 
Merlinius mamillatus (Tobar-Jimenez, 1966) Anderson, 1977
Geocenamus mamillatus (Tobar-Jimenez, 1966) Brzeski, 1991

(Description- Siddiqi, 2000)