Genus Scutellonema

Female: Body spiral to C-shaped or almost straight. Labial region narrow truncate to offset rounded; annulated, with or without longitudinal striae. First labial annulus divided into six sectors, lateral sectors smaller than the others (SEM). Amphid apertures oval between labial disc and lateral sectors. Lateral field with four lines usually areolated near phasmids and anteriorly, sometimes transverse striae scattered over average sized for the family; knobs rounded to indented. DGO 4-8 um from stylet base. Esophageal gland overlap dorsal and lateral. Two genital branches outstretched , equally developed. Epiptygma present. Tail short, rounded; phasmids enlarged (scutella) situated opposite each other, near anus level.
Male: Caudal alae enveloping tail tip, regular or rarely deeply lobed. No secondary sexual dimorphism.