Genus Sarisodera

Females. No cyst stage. Body globose, with neck of medium length; posterior end conical-truncated with deep vulval cleft, but with no defined terminal cone. Cuticle thick, with superficial lace-like pattern; D-layer present. Vulva terminal, with prominent hypertrophied lips, separated by a deep depression. Anus in the inner side of the posterior lip. Eggs retained in body.

Males. Body twisted. Stylet 40 um. Lateral field with four lines. Spicules > 30 um, straight, pointed at distal extremity, distally directed; cloacal tubus prominent. No tail; no phasmids.

Juveniles 2d stage. Stylet 40 um. Lateral field with four lines. Oesophageal glands filling the body cavity. Tail conical, pointed, with terminal half hyaline. Phasmids with lens-like structure.