Genus Rotylenchus

Female: Body spiral to C-shaped. Labial region offset or continuous wiht body contours, anteriorly rounded or flattened, generally annulated, with or without scattered transverse striae. Labial framework, stylet, and stylet knobs average sized for the family; knobs with rounded to indented anterior surface. DGO often close to stylet (6 um) but with a tendancy to posteriorly directed migration (up to 16um). Esophageal glands overlap intestine dorsallyand laterally; dorsal gland more developed than subventral glands; intestine symmetrically arranged between the subventral glands. Two genital branches outstretched, equally developed; posterior branch rarely degenerated. Epiptygma single or double present. Tail short, hemispherical, rarely with small ventral projection; phasmids pore- like, small, near anus level.
Male: Caudal alae enveloping tail, not lobed. Secondary sexual dimorphism not marked, sometime anterior part of male body slightly smaller than female.