Genus Rhabditella
Cobb, 1929
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

Definition:  Rhabditinae. These nematodes are slimmer and have longer tails than species of Cephaloboides.  Stoma long and and narrow.  Lips closed, not forming an open cup.  Oesophageal collar always present.  Metarhabdions with 5 or 6 tubercules in place of teeth, usually anisoglottid, anisomorphic in one species.  Vulva median, ovaries paired, opposed reflexed.  Female tail long and conical.  Male tail very long; bursa reduced, leptoderan; bursal papillae radially arranged.  Papillae pairs 1, 4 and 9 sublateral..Spicules separate.

Bionomics:  All species occur where bacteria are plentiful, on which they feed.  Hirschmann (1952) showed that breeding of Rhabditids depends on ingestion of living bacteria.

Type species: Rhabditis (Rhabditella) octopleura Steiner, 1929 (Dougherty, 1953)