Genus Rhabitonema
Korner, 1954
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

Definition:  Rhabditinae.  Small nematodes.  Lips closed, each with a strong bristle-like papilla.  Metarhabdions each with strong teeth (number not stated), anisoglottid.  Oesophagus surrounds the stoma base but, according to Korner, does not constitute a collar.  Anterior part of oesophagus cylindrical, without median bulb.  Vulva median, gonads paired, opposed and reflexed.  Female tail long conical to a fine point.  Male tail similar, without bursa; 6 pairs of caudal papillae; pairs 1 & 2 pre-anal, pair 4 subdorsal, pairs 5 & 6 subventral.  Spicules separate; gubernaculum present.

Type Species:  Rhabditonema propinquum Korner, 1954

-Goodey, 1963