Genus Rhabditoides
T. Goodey, 1926
     Syn. Rhabditis (Telorhabditis) Osche, 1952
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

Definition:  Rhabditinae.  Lips closed.  Stoma may be somewhat goblet-shaped in some species; each metarhabdion bears 3 small teeth arranged in a triangle; some species are anisoglottid.  An oesophageal collar always present.  Vuvla median, ovaries paired, opposed, reflexed.  Female tail long, conical or stilletto-shaped.  Male tail similar with very rudimentary bursa; papillae radially arranged.  Spicules separate; gubernaculum distally forked.  1st pair of pre-anal papillae are well anterior to the proximal ends of the spicules

Type species: Rhabditoides longispina (Reiter, 1928) Dougherty, 1953
                syn. Rhabditis (Telorhabditis) longispina Reiter, 1928 (Osche, 1952)
                      Telorhabditis longispina (Reiter, 1928) Sch. Stek., 1957
                      Rhabditoides coprophagus T. Goodney, 1929
-Goodey, 1963