Genus Radopholus

Secondary sexual dimorphism strongly marked. Deirids absent. Two female genital branches equally developed or, more rarely, posterior branch more or less reduced, degenerated and nonfunctional. Female lip area low not offset; by SEM, lateral sectors narrow, but expanded posteriorly on succeeding lip annuli; completely fused together and with the labial disc. Oesophageal glands on line, with long dorsal overlap of the intestine. Oesophago-intestinal valve not well developed. Tail long (cí 2-4), tapering to ternimus rounded or almost pointed; phasmids at mid-tail, or slightly anterior. Male lips high, rounded, set-off; cephlic sclerotization weak; stylet reduced; basal knobs vestigial or absent; oesophagus reduced. Gubernaculum slightly protruding from cloaca. Caudal alae sub- terminal or, more rarely, terminal. Sperms more often rodlike.