Genus Quinisulcius
Siddiqi, 1971
Diagnosis:  Telotylechinae.  Small-sized (0.47-0.9 mm), strongly curving when relaxed.  Annules prominent.  Lateral fields each with five incisures, smooth or partially areolated.  Deirids absent.  Cephalic region offset, rounded, finely annulated; labial disc indistinct; framework with light to moderate sclerotization.   Stylet moderately strong, 12-24 um long (16-19 um long in stype species); conus appearing solid anteriorly; knobs rounded, rarely cupped anteriorly.  Median bulb well developed, oval, not offset from precorpus by a constriction.  Basal bulb large, usually offset from intestine.  Cardia prominent.  Vulva at 51-59%; lips not modified.  Spermathecae round, axial or slightly offset, rarely functional.  Ovaries paired, outstretched.  Female tail conoid, usually ventrally arcuate, terminal annule enlarged, smooth or striated.  Males rare or absent.  Bursa well developed, simple, enveloping entire tail.. Spicules arcuate, with poorly developed distal flanges, 14-24 um long.  Gubernaculum modified, with proximal end directed dorsally.
(Description- Siddiqi, 2000)

Species found:      at:
Q. acutus Konza Prairiedddd

Type species was collected from pear soil in an orchard near Watsonville, California, USA.

Type species:  Quinisulcius capitatus  (Allen, 1955) Siddiqi, 1971
                           Syn.:    Tylenchorhynchus capitatus  Allen, 1955
                                       Tylenchorhynchus acti  Hopper, 1959
                                       Q. acti (Hopper, 1959) Siddiqi, 1971
                                       Tylenchorhynchus nilgiriensis  Seshadri, Muthukrishnan & Shunmugam, 1967
                                       Q. nilgiriensis (Seshadrei et al.) Siddiqi, 1971
                                       Quinisulcius himalayae Mahajan, 1974
                                       T. himalayae (Mahajan) Fortuner & Luc, 1987
                                       Quinisulcius solani Maqbool, 1982
                                       T. solani (Maqbool) Fortuner & Luc, 1987
                                       Tylenchorhynchus maqbooli Mizukubo, toida & Keereevan, 1993
                                            (nom. nov. for T. solani [Maqbool, 1982], nec. T. solani Gupta & uma, 1981
                                       Quinisulcius paracti (Ray & Das) Fortuner & Luc, 1987
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