Nematodes of Quarantinable Concern
Regional Plant Protection Organizations
Virtually every plant, from agronomic crops to those found in the natural environment, is host to a variety of plant parasitic nematodes. Some of these nematodes cause such severe damage that it is necessary to monitor and limit their spread. State, national, and international agencies establish regulations to minimize the impact of the pest species.
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Plant Monitoring and Protection Organizations
Top 15 Regulated Nematodes
Asia and Pacific Plant Protection CommissionAndean CommunitySouthern Cone of South AmericaCarribean Plant Protection CommissionInterafrican Phytosanitary CouncilNorth American Plant Protection OrganizationEuropean and Mediterranean Plant Protection OrganizationEPPO Quarantine LIstsCentral AmericaPacific Plant Protection OrganizationAnimal and Plant Health Inspection ServiceNational Agricultural Pest Information SystemNorth American Plant Protection Organization