Pungentus monohystera
Thorne and Swanger, 1936

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Konza Prairie
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Measurements (from Thorne, 1974)
L = 1.8 mm; a = 35; b = 5.0; c = 60; V = 40

Description (from Thorne, 1974)
    Except for the single ovary, Pungentus monohystera is almost identical to P. pungensPerioral plates conspicuous.  Spear and its extensions each about 20 um long.  Esophagus expanded near middle by gradual enlargement.  Cardia elongate hemispheroid with only slight traces of a disc.  Anterior ovary reduced to rudimentary branch.  Posterior ovary reflexed about halfway to vulva.  Eggs twice as long as body diameter.  Prerectum length 5 times body width.  Rectum length slightly longer than anal body diameter.  Saccate glands present in tail but not as numerous as in P. pungens.
    Pungentus monohystera is readily distinguished from other species with a single ovary by its much larger size.
    Habitat: A very common species from numerous localities in South Dakota; Tagus and Williston, North Dakota; Baker, Montana; Hadashville, Manitoba, Canada; and Ames Iowa.

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
KonzaIII AC-74 Konza Prairie, First survey