Genus Pseudodiplogasteroides
Körner, 1954
Photo Gallery- Forensic Nematology

Definition:  Pseudodiplogasteroidoidea.  6 lips of head just distinguishable one from another, each with an apical papilla, head of male with 4 extra lateral papillae.  Stoma longer than wide, anisomorphic and anisoglottid; cheilostom an entire lip ring; dorsal metarhabdion loarge, with a midian ridge and a pair of flanking denticles, subventral segments each with a small denticle.  Telostom hardly differentiated.  Precorpus cylindrical, swelling to a median bulb with weak crescentic, valvular thickenings.  Isthmus narrower, swelling to a terminal bulb which contains a valvular apparatus composed of 3 triangular plates.  Vulva bedian, gonads paired, opposed, reflexed, only one egg at a time in each uterus.  Tail conical, of medium length.  Male tail similar, with 9 pairs of caudal papillae, of which 3 paris are pre-anal and the 4th pair just post-anal; last 4 pairs typically arranged.  A weak bursa present; spicules proximally knobbed; distal, slightly cuticularized flanges of the gubernaculum flank the spicules.  Tails of both sexes sometimes with a tail thread.

Type species:  Pseudodiplogasteroides compositus Körner, 1954

(Description- Goodey, 1963)