Genus Protorhabditis
(Osche, 1952) Dougherty, 1953
     Syn.  Rhabditis (Protorhabditis) Osche, 1952
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Photo Gallery- Forensic Nematology

Definition:  Protorhabditinae.  Oesophageal collar present or absent.  Anterior part of oesophagus cylindrical or swollen to form a median bulb; anterior part sometimes with transverse ridging.  Vulva median; female gonads paired, opposed, reflexed; tail conical.  Male tail peloderan and bursa may be reduced.  Spicules separate; gubernaculum present.  The number and position of the caudal papillae very considerably.  Some hermaphrodites are known.

Type Species:  Protorhabditis xylocola (Korner in Osche, 1952) Dougherty, 1953

                 syn. Rhabditis (Protorhabditis) xylocola Korner in Osche, 1952

-Goodey, 1963