Genus Prodorylaimus
Andrassy, 1959
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

Definition:  Dorylaiminae.  Similar to Amphidorylaimus but larger, 1 to 3 mm. long.  Tails of both sexes similar, conoid-elongate to filiform.  Series of male supplements present, usually contiguous with a gap separating it from the pre-anal pair.  Spicules dorylaimoid; lateral guiding pieces present.  Female gonads paired, opposed, reflexed.  Subventral papillae present.  Lip region slightly offset.  Spear well developed.  Guiding sheath of spear usually appearing as double ring.

Type Species:  Prodorylaimus longicaudatus (Butschli, 1874) Andrassy, 1959
                syn.  Dorylaimus longicaudatus Butschli, 1874
                      D. longicaudatus v. aquatilis Steiner, 1919

-Goodey, 1963