Genus Prionchulus
(Cobb, 1916) Wu and Hoeppli, 1929

Photo Gallery-
Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Generic diagnosis: Prionchulinae.  Lip region set off, lips and labial papillae prominent.  Buccal cavity large and heavily sclerotized, barrel-shaped, tapering at base.  Dorsal tooth stout, pointing forward, situated in anterior half of buccal cavity and opposed by two longitudinal denticulate ridges.  Oesophago-intestinal junction non-tuberculate.  Female reproductive system amphidelphic.  Spicules stout, arcuate; gubernaculum simple or bidentate:  accessory pieces present or absent.  Tail short, conoid, ventrally arcuate.  Caudal glands absent, or very poorly developed.  Spinneret absent.

Type species:  Prionchulus muscorum (Dujardin, 1845) Wu and Hoeppli, 1929

Other species:
    P. longus (Thorne, 1929) Andrassy, 1958
    P. punctatus (Cobb, 1917) Andrassy, 1958
    P. spectabilis (Ditlevsen, 1912) Andrassy, 1958
    P. thiocrenobius (Pax and Soo's, 1943) Andrassy, 1958

Species found:        at:
P. longus Long's Peak  
P.  muscorum Konza 
P. punctatus Jumbo Valley fen