Genus Pratylenchus
Filipjev, 1936
Photo Gallery- Homestead Nat'l Monument

Pratylenchinae. Body length under 0.8 mm. No sexual dimorphism in the anterior part of the body. Deirids absent. Lip area low, flattened anteriorly, not or weakly set-off; by SEM, lip area characterized by fusion of labial disc with submedial lip sectors; lateral lip sectors not reduced. Oesophageal glands overlapping the intestine ventrally for a medium distance. Oesophago-intestinal valve not well developed. Female genital tract with posterior branch reduced to postvulval sac. Female tail 2 to 3 times the anal body diameter, terminus rounded (rarely pointed). Phasmids situated at mid-tail or slightly posterior. Gubernaculum plain, not protruding. Caudal alae enveloping tail.

Species found:     at:
P. agilis  Konza Prairie
P. alleni Konza Prairie, Homestead
P. coffeae Konza Prairie
P. convallariae Konza Prairie
P. crenatus Quebec, Canada
P. flakkensis Konza Prairie, Homestead
P. hexincisus Konza Prairie, 9 Mile Prairie, Idaho, Washington St., Bloomfield NE, Homestead
P. loosi Konza Prairie
P. penetrans Homestead, Washington St. Quebec, Canada
P. pseudopratensis Konza Prairie
P. scribneri Minden NE
P. thornei Quebec, Canada

Species List  from Ebsary, 1991

DNA Sequences Obtained:
Specimen: Collected:
Johnson 5-02 in culture, University of Wisconsin
PP6-1-03 in culture, University of Wisconsin
Snyder 1-25 in culture, University of Wisconsin
Snyder 1-26 in culture, University of Wisconsin
P-Star 35 in culture, University of Wisconsin
P-Star 36 in culture, University of Wisconsin
9Mile 6-30 LP1-75 9 Mile Prairie
9Mile 3-17 LP1-97 9 Mile Prairie
Homestead 5-17 BBR-139 Homestead National Monument
Que 114-1 Quebec, Canada

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