Pratylenchus pseudopratensis
  J.W. Seinhorst, 1968
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

 Dimensions:  10 females:  L = 0.41-0.50mm; a = 21-25; b = 5.8-7.4; c = 21-26;   V = 76-80; stylet = 15u.
 10 males:  L = 0.35-0.44mm; a = 26-30; b = 4.6-6.7; c = 22-26; stylet = 14u; spicules = 15-17u.
 Female (holotype):  L = 0.52mm; a = 26; b = 6.7; c = 25; V = 38769; stylet = 15u.

 Posterior to the vulva the body is often distinctly narrower than at midbody, which makes it somewhat similar to P. thornei.  The truncate tail tip often adds to this impression.  Lip region with three, sometimes partly four annules.  Posterior extension of cephalic framework thin, extending into body for about two body annules.  Spear knobs flattened anteriorly.  Excretory pore at or posterior to level of nerve ring.  Lateral fields with four lines, band between inner lines plain, with occasionally a fifth line over a short distance.  Tail conical with 12 to 19 (mostly 14 to 16) annules.  Tail tip rounded to truncate, smooth.  Phasmids at about 10th annule from tip. Ovary with oocytes partly in double file.  Spermatheca oval, 50% to 90% of distance between vulva and anus anterior to vulva.  Length of posterior uterine branch 25% to 30% of distance between vulva and anus.

 Male (allotype):  L = 0.44mm; a = 26; b = 5.5; c = 22; T = 44; stylet = 14u; spicules = 15u.
 Testis with spermatocytes in double row.  Edge of bursa coarsely crenate.  Phasmids at two-fifths tail length from tail tip.

 Holotype:  female, collected by Mr. C. Kaai, slide no. TC 11/1 of I.P.O., Nematode Collection, Wageningen.
 Paratypes:  18 females and 11 males, slides nos. TC 11/3, 11/4 and 11/5, I.P.O., Nematode Collection, Wageningen.
 Type locality:  field 2 km west of Slootdorp, The Netherlands.
 Type habitat:  arable land, sandy soil.