Genus Pratylenchoides

Female genital tract paired. Labial region flattened anteriorly, somewhat conical, characterized (with SEM) by the infusion of labial disc with subventral sectors of first lip annulus, the six sectors remain nevertheless destinct from each other. Spear strong, with rounded basal knobs. Oesophageal glands overlap variable in length, in some cases (P. Magnicauda) nearly absent. Generally, at least one oesophageal gland nucleus anterior to level of oesophago-intestinal valve, but in this case two posterior nuclei at a relavtively great distance from the anterior one (long intestinal overlap). Oesophago-intestinal valve well developed. Deirids conspicuous. Sexual dimorphism of anterior part of male marked by less conspicuous development of stylet and less development of the oesophagus. Caudal alae enveloping tail. Gubernaculum not protruding from cloaca.