Pratylenchus flakkensis
Seinhorst, 1968
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie
Photo Gallery- Homestead Nat'l Monument

Measurements (from Seinhorst, 1968)
L = 0.42-0.57 mm; a = 20-27; b = 5.2-7.1; c = 12-18; V = 73-77; stylet = 17 um.
L = 0.42-0.49 mm; a = 27-33; b = 5.1-6.5; c = 18-21; stylet = 16 um; spicules = 15 um.

Description (from Seinhorst, 1968)
 Female: Lip region with two annules.  Posterior edge of cephalic framework strongly sclerotized extending posteriorly into body for about two annules (as in P. thornei).  Spear knobs with forward pointing anterior margins.  Excretory pore at or posterior to level of nerve ring.  Lateral fields with four lines, band between inner lines plain.  Lateral fields areolated on posterior third of tail.  Tail conical with 18-24 annules and (sometimes faint) annulation around tip.  Phasmids at 12th to 18th annule from tip.  Ovary outstretched, oocytes in single file.  Spermatheca round to angular, 41-66% of distance between vulva and anus anterior to vulva.  Length of posterior uterine branch 25% to 30% of distance between vulva and anus.
 Male: First annule on lips distinctly wider than second.  Testis outstretched, spermatocytes in double row.  Bursa with coarsely crenate edge.  Phasmids slightly over one-third tail length from tail tip.
Type locality: pasture near harbour 1 km north of Middelharnis, The Netherlands.
Type habitat: heavy loam soil under grass.

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Konza IIIAA-50 Konza Prairie, First survey
Konza IIIAA-56 Konza Prairie, First survey
Konza IIIAA-40 Konza Prairie, First survey