Polenchus politus
Andrassy, 1980
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

Holotype female:  L = 0.63 mm; a = 34; b = 6.1; c = 3.2; V = 55%; spear = 14 um.
Allotype male:  L = 0.60 mm; a = 34; b = 6.2; c = 3.1; spear = 15um; spicules = 19 um;
Paratypes female: L = 0.60-0.62 mm; a = 32-34; b = 6.2-6.4; c = 3.1-3.2; V = 54-55% spear = 14-15um.
    Body small and slender, straight in fixed stage.  Cuticle 1-1.2 um thick, totally smooth in its whole length, only subcuticle very finely striated on both body ends.  Lateral fields quite inconspicuous, "hidden", not arising from body contour at all.  Deirids about half body diameter behind excretory pore.  Phasmids not recognizable.
    Head rounded, not offset, smooth, 7.5-8 um wide on its base, with amalgamated lips.  Body at level with posterior end of oesophagus, 2.1-2.2 times wider than head.  Amphid apertures characteristically ventrally curved, 2.5-3 um long.  Cephalic sclerotization very weak.
    Spear slender, 14-15 um long, 1/7 of total oesophageal length, nearly twice as long as head diameter.  Basal knobs large, more or less triangular. 2.5-3 um long wide.  Metenchium 50% to total length of spear.  Orifice of dorsal oesophageal gland quite close to spear base.  Anterior portion of oesophagus 46-49% of oesophagus length.  Median bulb 8-9 um, terminal bulb 17-20 um long, the latter shorter than isthmus.  Median bulb with distinct valvula.  Excretory duct weakly sclerotized, opening at 87-95% of oesophagus length.  Hemizonid as long as double width of cuticle.  Cardia small, discoidal.  Rectum 1.3-1.5 times as long as anal body diameter; anal opening distinct.  Distance between posterior end of oesophagus and vulva 2.3-2.5 times longer than oesophagus.
    Vulva simple, transverse, without lateral flaps.  Vagina tubular.  Female genital organ 28-30% of body length.  Receptaculum siminis large, with an extended pouch, 35 um long.  Postvulval branch of uterus 14-17 um long, as long as corresponding body diameter.
    Tail of female filiform, 193-200 um long, 30-32% of total length of body.  2.2-2.4 times as long as vulva-anus distance, and 16-17 times longer than anal body diameter.  Tail terminus fine, needle-like.
    Male resembling female.  Bursa extremely small, 20um long, not arising from body contour, smooth.  Testis outstretched; total length of male genital organ (from anterior end to cloacal opening) 53% of body length.  Spicules 19 um long, tylenchoid; gubernaculum thin, 5 um long.  Tail of male 195 um long, 32% of body length, 15 times as long as anal body diameter, sharply pointed.
    Special features:  Body small, straight; cuticle completely smooth; lateral fields not recognizable; amphids ventrally bent; spear of medium length, basal knobs triangular; anterior portion of oesophagus a little shorter than posterior; vulva simple, vagina slender; receptaculum seminis with poach (sic); postuterine branch present; bursa exceedingly small; tail filiform, more than twice as long as vulva-anus distance.
(Description- Andrassy, 1980)

Diagnosis:  Tylenchinae.  Body medium sized (about 0.6 mm), straight to arcuate.  Cuticle smooth, devoid of transverse or
longitudinal striation.  Lateral fields inconspicuous, not raised above body surface.  Lip region continuous, rounded.  Amphidal apertures longitudinal, ventrally curved slits.  Stylet 14-15 um long; conus about half its length; knobs large, more or less triangular.  Median bulb oval, muscular, with refractive thickening.  Basal bulb saccate.  Deirids a little behind excretory pore.  Vulva submedian, transverse, lips not raised, without lateral membranes.  Vagina thick-walled, almost at right angles to body axis.  An elongate-oval, offset, anteriorly directed spermatheca and a postvulval uterine sac present. Bursa small, low, in lateral view not projecting beyond body contour.
Habitat:  Polenchus politus was found in wet moss from a rock at Mt. Kaindi, New Guinea.
(Description- Siddiqi, 1986)